June 12, 2020

Progress on the mainnet launch sequence

The Swarm Mainnet Launch will be complete on June 21st.

As of June 10, the token contract has been deployed to mainnet. The address is:


Feel free to check out the token contract on Etherscan: https://etherscan.io/token/0x19062190b1925b5b6689d7073fdfc8c2976ef8cb

With the deployment of the BZZ token, an important milestone has been established.

Shortly, the latest Swarm client, named “Bee 1.0 release candidate”, will be released. It will be tagged version 1.0-rc.

It is important for node-operators to know that updating to this version before distribution of the tokens is not recommended, since the Bee 1.0 release candidate requires mainnet BZZ to fully operate. A public gateway to interact with the 1.0 cluster will also be made available soon and will be accessible via mainnet.ethswarm.org.

Moreover, BZZ has been bridged to xDAI. xDAI was chosen to be the sidechain solution for scaling Swarm Network transactions. The bridged token can be found here:


On June 21st, an online launch event will take place, to which you’re invited! Register at https://www.ethswarm.org/swarm-one-rsvp.html to keep informed about the programme and get the link to the event.

Be aware that there are many fake BZZ circulating and scams out there. Always do your own research and double check the contracts and markets you’re interacting with. Swarm Foundation does not have any representatives, neither global nor local. Swarm Foundation will only communicate via official channels that can be found on www.ethswarm.org.

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