February 26, 2021

How to run a Bee node and earn gBZZ

As we head towards the Swarm 1.0 release, we are working hard on expanding the network as much as possible. We are happy to see that the number of active Bee nodes is bigger day by day and the reality of a truly decentralized world computer is closer than ever.

At the latest count, the Swarm network consists of +4000 nodes.

Why should you join our network as soon as possible?


  • you are contributing to our mission for a fully decentralized web3,
  • you are enabling a fair data economy,
  • you are helping the internet to become censorship-resistant,
  • AND(!) you will also profit.

Currently, we are running Swarm on the testnet and you can only earn gBZZ tokens. But the moment we switch to mainnet, you will have a data-rich and well-connected Bee node that will earn real BZZ from day one.

As with every ecosystem, it is wise to join early. When Android started, for example, some clever people knew they needed to act fast. Even the silliest, small apps (like the torchlight app) gained a lot of downloads and traffic. It is similar for our network.

And don’t forget about the 1 million BZZ token airdrop either!

If the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough, there is also the 1 million BZZ airdrop that we announced a few days ago. To be part of this airdrop, you will need to run and install your Bee node. More info about the airdrop and how to get free BZZ tokens can be found here.

Here’s a quick how-to manual on how to install and run your Bee node

Some people like to read, and some people like to watch videos. We have included both. And if you still need help, please join our tech-support channel on Discord.

There are many ways how you can run and install your Bee node, and we will be posting several how-to manuals in the following days. Make sure you follow our social media for the links.

Here’s a video demo on how to install a Bee node, by Rinke Hendriksen

And here is the how-to manual: https://hackmd.io/RDLDF3XiSnaVNSR9ahkaiw?view

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