January 10, 2021

Monthly Development Update — December 2020

December is the closing month of the year and most of the teams took time to reflect on the work that was done throughout the year. We are happy to conclude that the year was fruitful for Swarm. Many important milestones were met and a lot of progress was made.

Four versions of Swarm were released, the Book of Swarm was published and the ecosystem is now quickly expanding. Many interesting projects have started to build their dApps on top of Swarm and many new Bee nodes were installed.

Apart from the reflections and some minor reorganisations in the team, work was being done at the usual brisk pace. We are inviting you to dive in and read the report here below.

Core Track

  • Released Bee (v0.4.1), here you can have a look at the release notes
  • Work on developing postage stamps, which is a way content owners can signal the importance of the content to node operators
  • Prepare support for Bee running as a Windows Service
  • Feed resolution inside Bee

DevOps Track

  • Deployed Bee (v0.4.1) to the public cluster.
  • Released a new version of the Bee Helm chart (v0.6.2).
  • Released a new version of Beekeeper (v0.4.1).
  • Updated bee-staging and bee-local repos to support the latest Bee/Beekeeper versions.

Javascript Track

  • Started working on bee-js, a Javascript library to access the Bee API in an easy way.

Ecosystem Track

Jobs Track

For more information, please visit our website; to apply, please send your CV to talent@ethswarm.org!

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