April 9, 2021

Monthly Development Update — March 2021

March was as busy as always. The team was focusing on bug fixes and performance enhancements. A new version of the bee-js was released and a new Swarm release is around the corner, too.

Important — with the next Swarm release, some major changes will happen. If you are running a Bee node, please follow our communication channels closely as you will need to update your nodes if you want them to continue working properly.

Bee Track

  • Released Bee v0.5.3
  • Started onboarding of 4 new developers to the Bee team
  • Worked on variable pricing:
  1. Merged changes needed to communicate prices
  2. Started work on price-based routing

DevOps Track

JS Track

  • Released Bee-js Javascript client library 0.6.0 version that contains support for custom Ethereum signers (e.g. Metamask) and several bug fixes.
  • Released first alpha version of Swarm-CLI, a command line tool for making Bee easier to use:
  1. Upload files and folders to Bee
  2. Upload to feeds
  3. Import and export keys from Bee-clef, Metamask, etc
  • Started working on a Browser Extension. Right now, it is a proof-of-concept tool to help us figure out a good model for creating and using decentralized applications in a browser.
  • Also started working on a Status UI for Bee. It is currently in alpha version, but it already beats using curl for certain tasks :)
  • Contributors are welcome to all projects!

Ecosystem Track

  • We received many new grant applications. The submitted applications need to be reviewed and evaluated. After this is done, we will publish the list of new projects on our Medium page.
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