July 5, 2022

Monthly Development Update — June 2022

The Swarm Foundation’s JS Track released Swarm Desktop (Beta), its biggest software release since the mainnet launch. Swarm Desktop enables one-click setup of a Swarm network node, simple interaction with the network without crypto onboarding and introduces two additional modes of operation — ultra light and light mode. It’s available for download here for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

This release went hand in hand with other tracks’ continuous hard work. Bee Track is already on its 1.6.2 version of the Bee client, which brings new features and bug fixes. There’s also great news also from the Research Track, which is steadily moving closer to a fully functioning incentives system.

Read the full update below.


Bee Track

  • With the summer solstice behind us, the Bee team is excited to announce the latest release v1.6.2. This release consists of some new features and performance recalibrations, along with some bug fixes.

Grants Track

  • After WAM and summer solstice event, the grants programme track is focusing on the Pura Vida grant wave participants to help them start their project work.
  • We are also looking forward to getting to know the teams that will build the FDP bounties and introducing current and former grantees to the infrastructure that is built there.

JS Track

  • The Swarm Desktop Beta app is released and it can be downloaded from the website. Swarm Desktop (Beta) offers an easy-to-use way to gain decentralised access to the Swarm network. Windows, Mac and Linux are supported.

Research Track

  • Development has started on the storage incentives redistribution system, and design on the derived storage price oracle is in progress.

Ecosystem Track

  • Seven teams have already started working on the Wikipedia Prize, and one of them has already submitted its work for the 50k prize.

Swarm Foundation is Hiring

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