August 24, 2023

Swarm network paves the way for event evolution: partnerships with StreamETH, Etherna, and Mego

Some exciting news for all event-goers: Swarm Foundation has joined forces with three awesome names of the events ecosystem: StreamETH, Etherna, and Mego. Together, they’re shaking up the game and propelling the events industry into a new era. Let’s dive right into the highlights!

StreamETH: because buffering is so yesterday

We’ve all been there—staring at a screen, just sitting there, waiting for a livestream to load. Well, those days are gone! Thanks to Swarm Foundation’s partnership with StreamETH, the rules have been rewritten. Picture this: Live events can now be delivered uninterrupted and directly to your device, no matter where you are. Swarm’s rock-solid infrastructure, combined with StreamETH’s user-friendly platform, creates a flawless streaming experience.

Etherna: The video streaming rebel

Etherna is completely changing the dynamics in the on-demand streaming world by putting control over the content in the hands of its creators and their fans. No corporate agenda or invasive third-party trackers. Event creators can simply upload and add a monetisation option to their valuable content without fear of handing control over it to the platform. With Swarm’s decentralised storage prowess backing it up, Etherna guarantees secure, fast, available and engaging video experiences for all you event enthusiasts out there.

Mego: Ticketing terrors, begone!

Ah, the joys of ticket scalping and fake tickets. Said no one ever. It’s about time to put those troubles to rest and start doing things the Web3 way. Swarm network and Mego have come together to provide a decentralised solution that takes the hassle out of ticket buying and selling. Every ticket transaction is permanently and transparently recorded on the blockchain, eliminating the fraud and scalping nightmares. No more shady ticket brokers or getting turned away at the entrance. Swarm’s decentralised storage keeps your ticket data tamper-proof and always accessible, ensuring smooth sailing for event attendees everywhere.

In Conclusion: Swarm network leads the event evolution

Swarm network isn’t just another player in the events ecosystem—it’s a game-changer. The partnerships with StreamETH, Etherna, and Mego signify Swarm Foundation ’s unwavering commitment to revolutionising the way we experience the internet. They’re tearing down barriers, giving event organisers, content creators and attendees the tools they need to thrive in this brave new world.

So, buckle up. Swarm Foundation’s fresh collaborations are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the events space. Get ready to stream events without a hitch, share and monetise content like a boss, and purchase tickets with confidence. The future of events is here, and it’s powered by Swarm Foundation and its outstanding partners. Stay tuned for more updates as they continue to shape the industry and leave conventional event practices in the dust.

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