April 17, 2024

Swarm Summit 2024: Upload the Future. Call for Papers Open

20-21 June, Ljubljana, Slovenia & online

It’s been quite a stretch since we last met in person for a Swarm Summit—five whole years. Following last year’s virtual gathering, the Summit is returning live!

This time, we’re setting up in Central Europe’s hidden gem, Ljubljana, Slovenia. From 20 to 21 June we’ll get together at the local cultural powerhouse, Kino Šiška, with a roster of builders and believers who see beyond the horizon and understand that the future is being written in today’s code.


Better than ever

This won’t be just another event. The 2024 Swarm Summit coincides with the biggest leap in Swarm’s tech—the launch of Swarm 2.0. This game-changing update is opening doors to a future where the ability to share and store data empowers individuals and communities alike.

Your drive for the future: Call for Papers is now open

If you’re itching to add your piece to this future, if you’d like to pick the brains of innovators, thinkers, and Swarm community builders, or if you’re simply looking to have a great time, the Swarm Summit is open to all. We’ll be there, making sure that the future is decentralised and better for everyone.

The Summit’s stage will feature boundary-pushing presentations and talks. Our speakers will deliver original keynotes that explore concepts and ideas on the future of web3. If you believe you could contribute to the program, we invite you to submit your talk or presentation through our Call for papers, open until 20 May, or apply for special hacker grants.

After all, the best way to dismantle the status quo is to offer something better. You’ll want to be there when it happens, won’t you?

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