January 18, 2024

Swarm Unveils Partnership with ColdStack

Uniting for a Decentralised Vision

As Swarm Foundation, our mission is to shape a self-sovereign global society through decentralized data storage and distribution. Partnering with ColdStack, we’re merging our strengths to amplify the impact of decentralised technologies in the Web3 ecosystem.

Integrating ColdStack with Swarm

The focus of this partnership is integrating Swarm technology into the ColdStack DSN Aggregator: this integration will deliver an efficient decentralised storage solution for diverse customer needs.

Integrating Swarm is a key component towards facilitating Coldstack’s service development and enhancing functionality, as well as upgrading their user experience by providing the most efficient decentralised storage solution for any customer’s needs.

ColdStack is the first-to-market decentralised cloud aggregator, offering a single-entry point to any decentralised storage network, optimising the final costs for users with our proprietary AI-based pipeline.

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